Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dan Silverman session features Joe Lovano

Jazz trombonist/composer Dan Silverman was in recording his new CD of original material in early June with the help of sax legend Joe Lovano, and Dan's sister, singer Judy Silvano. Rounding out the lineup was guitarist Nick Cassarino, drummer Jeff Salisbury, and bass player, Clyde Stats. Look for this release in the very near future!

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USMBlog said...

Love the new blog, Chuck! Nice photos.

I've become a big fan of Jeff Salisbury. He was a power house at the Flynn Theater jazz camp with Ray Vega last week. Jeff is a terrific conductor, great with the kids.

Now a certain someone I know wants to sit in with New Nile Orchestra and Unknown Blues Band...Looks like I'll have to keep my day job.