Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recording Seminars Coming This Fall!


Several years in the making, I am excited to announce that I will be offering affordable audio engineering seminars and instruction,  in collaboration with Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering at the studio in Charlotte.

Before you spend thousands at one of the many schools that are now offering Audio Engineering courses, speak to us first! Lane and I have a combined experience of almost 70 years in professional recording, and have 35 years experience in navigating the changing tides of the music business.  We will be grouping attendees by their experience, and what they are hoping to learn.  We can help determine the best group for you to be in, when we speak in person.

The first batch of seminars will be for one day, on Saturday Oct. 27th, and Sunday Oct 28th, for the "Advanced Group", and Saturday, November 3rd, for the "Intermediate Group", with Nov. 4th as a possible spillover day.   They would be held from from 10am to 3pm, which will should allow us to cover a lot of material. The cost is $100 for the day, and we are asking folks to bring a lunch for themselves, as we will take a short lunch break midday.

For more info please contact me at: chas@charlesellerstudios.com

or call 802-238-6150

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Audio Engineering Apprenticeships In Mexico!!


As you probably know by now, we have opened a state of the art, recording studio on the Pacific Coast of Mexico,  about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.  Many agree that it's one of the most beautiful places in all of Mexico, and the town, of roughly 1,600 locals, couldn't be sweeter.  As a result,  the area has been attracting well known people from the music and art world, including some pretty heavy hitters in the recording industry.

The biggest complaint that we've heard from the multitude of students who have attended audio education programs, and who have approached us for internships,  is that "they didn't get enough hands on time" to actually be able to run a session, after graduating.  In many cases they may have spent tens of thousands of dollars to discover this, which we feel is tragic and unnecessary.

This winter I will be opening up my studio in Mexico to individual students that might be looking for an alternative to the big audio schools.  This would be one to one study with someone that has over 35 years experience, and a resume' that includes most facets of the audio business. (see "About Us" on our homepage)  Whether it be studio engineering, remote recording, or live sound, we feel that we can prepare you for the real world through expert guidance, and personal attention.  In fact, we feel that we can do it better than many of the large, less personal audio schools, and we can tailor it to your budget and goals.

What's more, we are offering these studies in one of the most lovely settings you can imagine.  Don't get us wrong,  during your stay in paradise, you will be worked hard, and you will be running sessions of your own in a reasonably short period of time.  During your time off, you can enjoy the near perfect weather and soulfulness of Mexico.  Mexico has recently received a great deal of bad press due to the drug war activity, mostly in the northern parts of the country, but I think that you will agree shortly upon arrival, that it feels welcoming and safe!

For information please contact me at:      chas@charlesellerstudios.com