Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kilimanjaro Records Their First CD in 25 Years!

As some of you may know, Chas Eller has lived a "dual life" for the past twenty-five years, simultaneously performing with successful groups such as The Unknown Blues Band, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Elisabeth von Trapp, and of course Kilimanjaro while at the same time recording and producing 100's of successful CDs for numerous talented artists at his studio in Charlotte. While earning his wings as a recording engineer for the Philo Records label in the late 70's, recording folk icons such as Dave van Ronk, Chas was approached by guitarist Paul Asbell, who had written some very catchy jazz tunes and was looking for a keyboard player to join forces with. Along with bassist Tony Markellis and drummer Bill Kinzie, that band became Kilimanjaro and with the backing of Philo Records, the band vaulted to national recognition when their debut album got up to #3 in the national Jazz Radio Airplay charts. Their second album went to #5 in the country which led to three U.S. tours and appearances at some of the most world's most prestigious jazz festivals. Now, 25 years later, the band was recently commissioned by the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival to work up some new material for the 2006 festival. The response was phenomenal, with the show selling out quickly enough that the festival had to add a second show. The group has begun to record that new material at Charles Eller Studios and hopes to be releasing a new CD sometime this Spring.

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