Sunday, July 1, 2007

Composer Kento Masuda Comes All The Way From Tokyo To Mix His New Release At C.E.S!

Electronic musician and composer Kento Masuda came to the studio this winter to mix his newest release on The Globesounds label. Kento is an artist as well as an incredible craftsman at writing highly imaginative music that defies categorization in a good way. The music has extremely lush textures that work by defining intricate themes that evolve throughout each spellbinding composition. It ended up being a huge job, requiring that we combine both of our Protools HD3 systems in order to accommodate the 80 channel mixes!! Kento's label, which is based out of Burlington, VT is a story in itself. The label along with it's publishing company, JPMC, which among other things holds the publishing on the entire Parliament Funkadelic catalog, is owned by Swiss-born entrepreneur, Jane Peterer. For more info about Kento, please visit his website. For info about purchasing his CDs and other great music please check out the JPMC website.

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